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This area is aimed to share presentations I've put together for hospital-based teaching sessions. I've tried to give credit where credit is due on the various images attached. Please let me know if you notice any incorrect information or would like to see updates/inclusions that are not presently available.

This is a new section to the website and I am in the process of editing and uploading slides, resources and tools.

Helpful educational resources:

The NHS has useful modules on their e-integrity system to help junior doctors navigate the practical and theoretical aspects of their jobs
NPS online has helpful tools for drug prescribing and de-prescribing
DermNet is the go-to resource for everything to do with skin
Life in the Fast Lane is the best resource for critical care in tiny tid-bits
Bloodsafe Learning has modules on transfusion and blood products
Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence [PDF] - a five-yearly publication by ANZCA and FPM covering a variety of management methods for acute and chronic pain. This is suggested reading for the GSSE and an essential tool for any junior doctor.
Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School - if you're curious about more than medical knowledge, these modules can help you to iterate your clinical practice and improve the systems in which we work.


The Curbsiders - internal medicine with very entertaining presenters. Check them out! This is my "brain food" for my daily commutes
Behind the Knife - surgical education and training
AUA university - I particularly recommend the "court cases" for those of you who want to know what sort of legal issues may result from your practice
On the Wards - an Australian-based podcast for junior doctors
TEDRadioHour - a great podcast reflecting on broad concepts for making the world better. Engaging and inspiring.

Presentations I've put together:

Skin and soft tissue infections: an operative approach
Written for in hospital teaching

Antibiotics: the basics
Written for in hospital teaching

Drugs for the heart
Written for in hospital teaching

Surgical nutrition and metabolism
Written for in hospital teaching

Palliative care: a basic guide
Written for in hospital teaching

My favourite papers:


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