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As doctors, we have a tendency to describe ourselves solely based on our profession. To that end, I'm a PGY5 aspiring urologist working in the field. My interests lie in uro-oncology, big data, merging technology and teaching, and science communication. I have a tendency to give my patients long-winded spiels about their condition, which I am forever hopeful will be educational and helpful in the long run.

I believe medicine can be better. Better for the patient. Better for the clinicians. Better at making academia work. I believe we need to evolve how we use the technology available to us to improve clinical care. This doesn't necessarily mean huge investments but it does mean thinking outside the usual model. A doctor 100 years ago had no antibiotics available to treat patients; today a physician has over 10 000 drugs available to prescribe. A century ago doctors did their own pathology slides, administered their own medications and there were no specialist referrals because one was a jack-of-all trades. Our industry has advanced considerably; we need better systems for managing complex patients in a convoluted, rapidly evolving clinical world.

This space is a place to share ideas, musings and resources I've found/put together. I'm always happy to accept criticism/feedback/updates/interesting comments. And please let me know if there's anything you'd like to know more about.


Brooke Sachs


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