About Me

As doctors, we have a tendency to describe ourselves solely based on our profession. The last few years have been a whirlwind - fires, floods, locusts, a global pandemic. This worldwide upheaval asks us to dig deeper for who we are and who we want to be. We cannot just be doctors, baristas, or farmers. I'm a PGY8 free-spirit with a love of patient-education and the frontiers of medicine. My interests lie in big data, quality improvement, the intersection between clinical practice and the evidence-base, and science communication. I find I have a tendency to give my patients long-winded spiels about their condition, which I am forever hopeful will be educational and helpful in the long run but may just bewilder or confuse them.

I believe medicine can be better. Better for the patient. Better for the clinicians. Better at making academia work for all those underpaid and undervalued researchers out there who are quietly changing the world in which we live. I believe we need to evolve how we use the technology available to us to improve clinical care. This doesn't necessarily mean huge investments but it does mean thinking outside the usual model. A doctor 100 years ago had no antibiotics available to treat patients; today a physician has over 10 000 drugs available to prescribe. A century ago doctors did their own pathology slides, administered their own medications and there were no specialist referrals because one was a jack-of-all trades. Our industry has advanced considerably; we need better systems for managing complex patients in a convoluted, rapidly evolving clinical world. Medicine can fix diagnoses; are we supporting the wellbeing of our patients along the way? There must be reasons why patients leave ICUs and maternity units with great fear. How can we make their journey both life-saving and not-so-mentally-jarring? The answers to these questions are complex, their solutions even harder to tease out. But I believe we can work towards medicine being healthier for all - for patients, for clinicians, and for the planet.

I'm not just a doctor. I can be found in my other natural environment, the gym, moving heavy things from one place to another. I'm also a yogini and a newly-minted yoga teacher and personal trainer. I read extensively and deep dive on online learning. Mostly, though, I'm a human sharing this planet with you and all of our friends. 

This space is a place to share ideas, musings and resources I've found/put together. It's a space to share with you the ways in which we can all make an effort to improve the world around us. It's also a space to look back and assess how history has shaped the present. 

I'm full of big ideas and I need your help to make them a reality. I'm always happy to accept criticism/feedback/updates/interesting comments. And please let me know if there's anything you'd like to know more about.