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The system is breaking.

I'm angry. Not the sort of anger that leads to lashing out and breaking glasses. Not the sort of angry that leads to road rage and speeding fines. I'm the sort of angry that makes me want to do something. Our system is crumbling while we try mercilessly to hold it together. Our nurses and security colleagues face daily abuse from patients and families. Our emergency departments are overflowing. Our hospitals are in constant bed block. A few weeks ago, every intensive care bed in my entire district was full, and at least five patients in my hospital were on the waiting list for a bed. This is not an isolated event. Hospitals are not meant to be in crisis mode when it is still summer. And yet the grapevine is full of stories of the same troubles across the state.

Driving to work the other morning, it took a solid fifteen minutes to make a right turn. Everyone else commuting had the same disastrously delayed travel times. There was no car accident along our route to block the pa…

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