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Take a seat

This is a post about the conversations we are not having. The conversations that we should be having. The listening we could be doing. This is a post about building bridges.

I sat down in the breakfast room of my hotel, deep in Republican country, a place with avid supporters of the NRA, and found myself greeted by the blaring morning FOX news. Initially, I told myself to take it in. To listen to the other side of the story. But the more I listened, the more I felt the truth was being distorted, changed, altered. And I found myself wondering, while chowing down on a pretty average bagel, what it would feel like to be a passionate FOX news listener stuck reading the New York Times.

My aunt had a friend who was a Trump supporter. Had, because the moment that truth became apparent, the friendship dissolved. Unfriended. And I wondered. Was unfriending a thing before the age of Facebook? Did we disavow ourselves of relationships based on political affiliations? Why are we so unwilling to …

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