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Cut and cover

Writing these pieces is like a Year 8 Geography assignment. But better because I chose the topic and wrote the marking criteria for myself.

I like walking. When I say that, I mean I'm the sort of person who walks three blocks for coffee and breakfast, and then sets out randomly uptown, and end up walking a solid sixty blocks only to decide to go on a self-guided walking tour (while I'm in the neighbourhood) and then walk south twenty blocks only to decide I'll probably be late to my 3pm coffee catch up if I walk all the way downtown. But then I'm early, so I walk around for an hour anyway. I'm the sort of person who clocks up 25 000 steps on my tracker only to think, "poorly effort." I'm that sort of walker.

The thing about walking lots is you have time to ask questions. You have time to read historical plaques on walls and sidewalks. There's time to wonder how long trees have been growing in one spot, and after whom the streets were named, and if…

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