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I've written plenty about the conversations we are not having. About the art of communication and important conversations. About death.  About race. But there are so many things we don't talk about as a society. Money - how much we are paid, how much we owe, how we're (almost) all struggling to get by. Bullying and harassment - how it happens to so many of us, so often, without any real form of recourse. Inequality - how some of us benefit from it and do little to change the status quo. Sexual health - about how it's more than STI checks and occasional ads about talking to your doctor. Menstruation - really, at all. Love - how it's so easy to be broken. And burnt out - how it happens to all of us.

Why do we not talk about these things? Is it this fear of being vulnerable? About being found out as weird or unusual? About being judged for being different, even though we are all so similar in our oddities? There are very few things that are inherently bad to think or…

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