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A decade later.

Dear old self,

Today marks exactly ten years since your Year 12 results came out. Back then, you called them ENTER scores. These days they are referred to as ATARs. Not that that matters much. The fact that you remember, in your current form, the date that those scores came out is indicative of how much it weighed on you for years after and how much that moment was both excitedly and cautiously awaited for the years prior.

You remember even now the course of events that day. The fact that results came out at some abominable hour of the day but that you refused to wake up early to check. The fact that you quietly checked them yourself, and didn't then pass on the result to anyone immediately. You just sat with those results for a little while, saddened but also knowing there was nothing you could do about them. It wasn't until your mum came to your room a little while later, herself both cautious and excited, wanting to know the result. She admonished you for not sharing immed…

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