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From the lookout at Twin Peaks, sunset drapes the bustling San Francisco's crisp air with specks of orange and pink light. As twilight comes, the city lights dot the stretch of land below us. From the aeroplane flying into Los Angeles, smog-covered gridded streets stretch out almost endlessly east and south, to be stopped in the north by the mountain ranges. Below us, cars are filled with some of the nearly twenty million people who live and work in the area. From a tiny twin engine flying between provinces in Papua New Guinea, unable to be traversed by other means, little villages are seen either side of a river, no bridge to connect them. Here, boats are required to visit tribes on the other side.

From above, whether a plane or a hilltop, it's easy to see just how many of there us there are sprawled across the great plains of the earth. We dot the planet with our lights and our roads, connected by streets yet isolated by our cars and our houses. Standing on a balcony with a…

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