Aside from writing and reading, here are some other things that fill my days with meaning:

Clinical practice:

I spend a large portion of my time buried deep in the hospital, learning from people all about people. It is one of the greatest honours to spend my time with folks who are willing to share incredibly intimate details of their life and their health with me. 


I'm just starting to dip my toes into the waters of academia and very excited to launch myself into data, analytics and a deeper understanding of our evidence-based practices. Hopefully the future holds more data-driven healthcare work from me.
I presented an abstract about photovaporisation of the prostate in patients on novel anticoagulants at the 2018 USANZ annual meeting. This work is finally published.

Doctors are Human:

Some wonderful friends and I have made a space to support doctors through written pieces and suggestions on how to reacquaint oneself with their creative side. This is another way of looking at improving doctors' wellbeing. We write wonder posts and share interesting articles on our Facebook page.

Writing the Way Home:

I've been very lucky to come in contact with some amazing people with wonderful life stories. I've also become aware that in this hyperconnected world, it is more and more difficult to figure out where we belong. I'm bringing together voices to remind you of home. Check out their work here and email me if you would like to contribute.

Daily Ethos:

I think we can do life better. Planetary health is a term used for how the health of humans and that of the planet intertwine. For me, yoga in many way embodies these connections and a mindfulness towards the space we live in. I'm an imperfect environmentalist and spend a great deal of time researching most of my purchases and how they affect the environment. Given how long I spend doing this, I figured I'd bring the learning to you. Join me in my exploration of yoga, its philosophies, and how to live more ethically.

Health Hive:

Being an unaccredited registrar, it can be hard to attend formal training events due to long clinical hours and the leave requirements of other staff. As such, I'm working on an educational resource for other (mostly surgical) unaccredited registrars in the same position. There are unnecessary silos in medicine and barriers that need to be broken down. I'd love your advice on topics for podcasts or blogs. If you know someone who would be a great speaker or would like to be a speaker yourself, connect!


I'm a former body-builder, moving into retirement to focus on my academic and clinical pursuits. The gym is my happy place. To that end, in my year of doing things I've always wanted to do, I'm learning how to be a yoga instructor during an intensive course in February 2020, and completing a Certificate III and IV in Fitness. Here's to gaining knowledge in every area of my life.


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