White Tutu

It's been years since I've written poetry. But then, the other day, my friend and I were sharing stories of tough times. And as my friend spoke, I saw this image. I wanted to capture it.

She entered the tunnel
in the dark of night
where she found herself completely
without the will to fight.

She followed her small feet,
dragging them, feeling so unsure.
The darkness surrounded her
like never before.

The tunnel was dark, the water
dripped slowly onto the tracks.
As she spun around she realised
how much her life lacks.

As she wandered deeper through
the dark and narrow space
she began to shiver at the thought
of what she might face.

For her past was far behind her,
her future was unclear.
In the absence of light
There's everything to fear.

A splash of water echoed
A ballerina turned
And in the empty space she drew
upon all the lessons learned.

Image: https://pixabay.com/en/tunnel-corridor-brick-the-darkness-957963/


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