Another reflection on home

A series of emails to which I've subjected my friends.

A new home.

A fresh start.

Something to call your own.

Home is far less about a physical structure than it is about mental constructs. It's about creating a place that you feel safe, secure, loved and valued. About feeling like you can be you, in whatever form you want to take today, without being belittled. It's a place you are a free to feel whichever emotion you like. Where you can let loose, dance in your underwear, wear slobby clothes, be angry or grumpy or sing at the top of your lungs.

While I hope there are physical places you can go where all of that is okay, sometimes it's good to have somewhere you can go in your head and feel all of those things. Sometimes it's good if there is something you can put in the palm of your hand and know you're safe. If you have something like this, treasure it dearly. If you don't, you'll find it eventually.

The other thing about home is that it's filled with people who love you no matter what. Home is filled with people who will hug you when you're angry, put you in your place when you're out of line and offer an ear to listen when you need it (even if you didn't know you were in need). 

Home is a place that washes all of your troubles away.

For me, home can be as simple as the steam that comes off a hot cup of tea, cradled lovingly between my hands and sitting safely on my sternum. A little piece of home that I can get anywhere in the world. It's something into which I can disappear momentarily. Breathe in deeply. Wash away stresses in the water vapour. Cleanse my soul. I hope you have something like that.

Find what makes you, you. Hold on to that.

And if all else fails, smile.


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