The old saying goes, "tomorrow never comes so do what you want today," yet we're constantly required to live in the present, plan for the future and learn from the past. A heavy load indeed.

A fictitious thought experiment.

Sitting quietly in a dimly lit room, the fast winds whistle past the window. The aches of a day gone by raise their ugly heads as my breathing deepens and much of the outside world disappears. The thoughts swirling around from seemingly thousands of things to do, to research and remember, stresses, frustrations and unknowns beat as loudly as that wind had so disturbed my earlier focus.

A deep breath. Mind sinking into body and body sinking into mind.

A deep breath. The tension from my back dissipates. The aches disappear.

I reach out to the air around me, feeling for inspiration in the ether. Feeling for glimpses of what tomorrow may bring. My hands settle upon my folded legs, palms together and facing upward. United, they form a space for thoughts, dreams and fears to settle. It's as if the hopes and expectations form themselves into a ball. A heavy, pulsating mass of energy whirling with the white light of electricity cracking along friction created in the atmosphere. A glowing ball of what tomorrow may bright. A burden, a pleasure, an anticipation of what is to come.

I close my hands around its warmth and accept the responsibility it brings. As the energy flows back inside me, the echoes of the outdoors once again enter my consciousness. Is indoors really outdoors? Separated only by imagined boundaries, they are always connected.

A deep breath. The swirling thoughts have flowed and the future has ebbed.

Tomorrow brings tomorrow comes.

Is today not already tomorrow will not be yesterday?


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