Magic Fingers

Walking along the grand corridor of my favourite place in the whole, wide world, I sidled towards the edge so that I could sneakily run my fingers along the walls. To feel each and every bump of the century-old plaster slide under my hands, connecting with the thousands of people who had done just the same before me. Feeling one with this place that held so much knowledge, feeling completely absorbed by the building in which I stood. Wishing I could become a book upon one of the thousands of shelves, just so I could watch life go by and all of the events that altered the course of the world, all of the students studying in a panic for final exams, the researchers discovering facts hidden between the pages of my fellows. The librarians visiting me every so often to make sure my spine was not over-worked, that my organs were still intact, that I wasn't too dusty.

The tips of my fingers connect me to the world. To the places I visit, to the Internet, to the people on the other end of my phone. They comfort the patients I meet in hospital, they feel for pulses and percuss the chests of our respiratory patients. They sit on the edge of food as I prepare a meal, risking themselves as my other hand aims to slice safely through what will soon be deliciousness on which to munch.

The tips of my fingers belong to what many people have now called my magic hands. The hands that somehow paint a mental picture of aching muscles in the backs of my stressed friends. Fingers that somehow understand how to release tension, how to connect them to themselves and let go of all that has been weighing them down. Magic fingers that start conversations much deeper than those that flow without that human connections.

Magic fingers that make the world a little bit better in such a tangible way.

Let go. Sense the tension. Feel it melt away. Let yourself slip out of your brain and into you body, this magical, wondrous and powerful physical form that allows you to do all of the things you do each day. Breathe deeply. Hold it for half a second. Squeeze it out.

You have magic fingers too.


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