I often wonder how different the world would be if it were less defined by political borders. If we had not grown up with a concept of patriotism but rather a belief in the value of humanity, regardless of our religious persuasion, ethnic background, favorite sports team or social standing.

A friend of mine, in all her wisdom, once described me as having no boundaries. She didn't mean that I participate in what would generally be considered unruly behaviour. What she meant is that I have a tendency to introduce myself to complete strangers, often in a way that makes perfect sense to me but little to the slightly stunned other party. Time and time again, I've met friends of friends with what I would consider warmth, parroting off facts about them to start conversation, only to realize that having a complete stranger know what you're studying, where you work or you place of residence probably would be a bit shocking.

This bizarre behaviour just makes sense to me. I want to get to know the people my friends value. I want to make them feel welcomed and special. I want to start a conversation. Because if you're not me, then there are thousands and thousands of things that you know that I don't and maybe we can learn something from one another.

This thirst for knowledge sits right next to my comprehension that I live in a world of which i am privy to only a small part. And I know that many of my unknowns, when revealed, would make for better interactions with other people.

I dream of a world where we appreciate the environment for being a valuable resource, aesthetically, for animals, and just because. I dream of a world where people, of whatever description, not only stand side by side with each other but with other creatures. I dream of a world where respect is innate. I dream of a world where equal opportunity need not be encouraged because it is already fundamental to how we function. I dream of a world where everyone had access to education, healthcare, a safe roof over their heads, a job, healthy food and potable water.

Imagine how differently aid would function in a world with no borders. It wouldn't be called aid. In a world with no borders, there wouldn't be countries trying to fix each other, instead the would be long term efforts to improve living conditions in areas where they were reduced. There would no longer be refugees as everyone would be equally entitled to a life of comfort. And if you moved from one land mass to another, that would be okay.

Of course, a world with no borders does not mean a world without variety. Languages travel just as people do today, mixing with the new location, creating new forms of slang, building greater understanding of a different part of this large world. But because we all belong to the same world, rather than different countries, we are one.

I choose to live in a world with no borders. I am aware that there are political borders that face me in travels, and societal restrictions that require actively restructuring my thoughts. And I realize that I must constantly challenge myself to see things from a different point of view. It's not an easy challenge but I do think it worth my while.

Will you unwind yourself from the binds of borders?


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