#b03 Wrap Up

March 2012, the month in which I wrote a post a day, every day. The thirty-one days that were wracked with fear about what on Earth I could write about that would be of any interest to anyone else. The hours of wondering, planning and stressing. The days on end where I felt like writing had ceased being creative and had instead become a chore. Some days, writing was about as much fun as vacuuming.  And I really don't like vacuuming.

Then I stumbled across some ideas for solid content. The completed pieces never looked anything like the plans I'd made that afternoon on the bus home. The content was never as rich as my normal pieces where days are spent ruminating over a potential topic. Where three days would run away from me before I made the time to put fingers to keyboard.  Writing every day took some of the spark out of the writing. Yet I finally had something to say. The stress lessened.

And then it became habit.

I'm a little sad that I won't have to write every day now. There will be no demanding thought process of what to write and I won't need to focus so intently on my day to find inspiration. The days can all blend into each other.

Yet, it has been through this month of writing that I've had the chance to reflect on the amazing journey of January and February. It was through this writing that I explored topics that had completely enveloped me on my travels. It was #b03 that brought inspiration back into my life, despite how much it drained my mental faculties.

It is this month that has driven me to put together periodic or sporadic videos on Doing Great Things. A platform for ideas on which we can all collaborate. Great Things for a better world, a better me, a better you, a more equal space where prejudices can fall to the wayside. A world where beauty is more than pop media. A world where work is our escape and happiness.

March was wrapped in words. Now, to step it up.


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