An Itch to Scratch

I have itchy feet.

Twelve hours after landing in Australia, I wanted to get out into the world and do things. A month later, I'm still waiting.

I want to change the world. I want to bring the future to healthcare in Australia, to reduce hospital costs by increasing effective public health investment, to increase access to primary care, to give individuals the tools to be in control of their own health, to make communication between primary physicians and patients easier so that potential problems are solved before they become complicated and existing conditions are managed on an equal playing field.

I want to cut red tape.

I want to bring effective new treatments to Australia. I want data-driven health in our hospitals, to restructure our data collection so that patients receive care based on stats from the widest or most specific data sets necessary. I want to put the knowledge in the hands of those who need it. I want to link the great ideas of health professionals and researchers across the globe so that they can act on them. I want research to lead to change in practices. I want theses to result in something bigger than 100 000 word essays.

I want these changes to be seen by everyone - in big tertiary hospitals and in country practices. In Sydney's North Shore and a small community in far north Western Australia.

I want to see the great innovations that will change lives become reality rather than sketches on paper. I want to see the acceleration of health care and its innovation in developing countries and greater collaboration in both directions between developing and developed nations.

I want to see health for all.

I want to get started on all of this now. I just don't know where to start.

It's time to scratch this itch.


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