Getting Better

Sometimes, inspiration comes in the tiniest of things.

I've seen quite a number of stroke patients this block. It seems like the only neurological patients at my hospital are those who've had strokes...those who have lost a portion of their brain function.  Being at a small hospital, I've had the opportunity to visit the same patients over the course of their treatment. One particular person so resolute in his belief that full recovery would happen that nothing would get in his way. Nothing would stop him.

I first saw this patient the day after the stroke. He was concerned about recovery as it had affected his entire dominant side. He wanted us to tell him where the lesion existed as no-one had mentioned it yet. This person had a scientific background and having answers would help to process this life-altering event. He was happy to help us learn. He knew how valuable it would be to our future. At the same time, there was a distinct sense that he was grieving.

A week later, we saw him again. He was reading a book, moving with far greater mobility and had the beginnings of a bilateral smile. A family member of his said he'd been practicing his physiotherapy at every available opportunity. He was keeping his mind occupied when too exhausted to continue the phsyical therapy. He looked resolute.

One man constantly challenging his own body. One man determined to be as close to who he used to be as possible. One man not giving up. He isn't changing the world. He's not devising grand plans to end poverty or create a reliable and renewable energy source. But he's not giving up. And he is my inspiration for the week. He's making sure he gets better every moment of every day.


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