This post is inspired by #FastBREAK, an event by youth-led conversation-starter, Vibewire.

January 2012, stifling hot in an airless room I called home in Ghana, I watched my friend devour novel after novel with jealousy. I had brought the world's most boring books to read and couldn't help but feel novel-envy for her good choices. Luckily, she had a few hard-copies (rather than kindles) to lend me. One of those was Start Some Good by Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes.  I ravenously consumed every word in less than twenty-four hours. I was hooked. In a hot, humid and stale room, I had found some fresh air.

This morning, I got to breathe in deeply again. With Blake naught but a distant memory, the Powerhouse Museum gave me space to again meld with innovation. #FastBREAK events have become a staple last-Friday-of-the-month event in my calendar since the middle of last year, with a few exceptions for exams and travel. There is something powerful about the passion that five speakers can instill in their audience in five minutes each. Today, I wasn't just inspired. Today, the presenters were speaking my tongue. The topic was Play, the dialogue disruptive, quirky, technological, futuristic, adaptive and different. With every word spoken, I felt that I was being subsumed into the tapestry of language. These were not new ideas, these were physical representations of ideas that had been whirling around my own mind for months. These were people who had taken my abstract and turned it into something real. Without ever meeting each other.

Every muscle in my body was buzzing. Every neuron in my brain was firing. I was no longer and individual. I was part of something bigger. There were promises of a hackerspace for building new, open-source projects by Robots and Dinosaurs, an ink-press for imagination that would work perfectly in the health rehabilitiation sector by Flutter Lyon, Pigeon Post postcards by Michael Sholz, an innovation lab for re-designing business by Ben Rennie, and 600 days of Sydney's hotspots and quirky corners for curious cats wanting to know their city better by Lisa O'Brien.  I was in a space where the box has been erased - all space is free for exploration. I was in a space where creativity was key to happiness. And I was so alive.

There was more than a spring in my step. I was jumping and running and swinging my feet like a small child. I wanted to do. Change. Act. Make. Think. Plan. Be. Create. Collaborate. Innovate.

This is my oxygen.

It's time to synthesize inspiration into one powerful bottle of change.


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