On the morning of December 19, I woke up to an email that may well turn out to be life changing. I had had very little sleep the night before (sleep has become less easy in the past year) and was contemplating rolling over and burying my head deep into my sheets. I am one of those over-connected people who devotes the 'other half' of their bed to their phone...and therefore check my emails only moments after I turn off my alarm. Judge me as you may, I do recognize that this is generally not the ideal way to sleep.

The email I received blew me away. Instead of wanting to go back to sleep, I was pumped and ready for action. A few emails were sent in the first 10 minutes of waking, followed by a quick breakfast and much more communication. The email was congratulating me on my acceptance to a program called FutureMed, which is run by Singularity University in San Jose, California. I saw this program back in about May and thought it looked fantastic. I was so inspired by the ideas presented by FutureMed executive Daniel Kraft, who spoke at TED not that long ago. As a current medical student, future health professional, volunteer and avid promoter of positive use of technology, I knew it was a program I would enjoy. I knew that the knowledge and connections made at this program would change not only the face of medicine but potentially its foundations too. For those of you in the field, you will most likely recognize that many parts of the health industry need reshaping whether in Australia or another part of the world. To think that, of the 100 people accepted to the program, I was included absolutely blew me away. I feel honored and privileged to have this opportunity.

Despite the frantic trip to the travel agent to change flights, the added stress of organizing such an immense travel change, telling my family and friends and constructing a fundraising model as well as all of the things I already had to do in my last ten days I Australia before heading to Ghana, I was still so thrilled. The most common sentence to come out of my mouth that week was 'I am just so shocked' - shocked because I couldn't quite see how I was special enough to make the cut. Shocked because this is so amazing. Shocked because it is one of those dreams that I never thought would come true.

Somehow, I am headed to the US at the end of January. Somehow, I am going to learn more than I thought possible about the future of health. Ways in which we can reduce costs and increase health levels. Ways to make us all happier and healthier. More effective education methods. Greater use of Internet technologies in promotion of health. And much, much more.

I am still so stunned that I am going. I am so appreciative of this opportunity. And I hope you will benefit from the things that I learn.


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