Aside from writing and reading, here are some other things that fill my days with meaning:

Clinical practice:

I spend a large portion of my time buried deep in the hospital, learning from people all about people. It is one of the greatest honours to spend my time with folks who are willing to share incredibly intimate details of their life and their health with me.  Some call this a vocation, others call it a life journey. I think I'm one of the others. It's a job that pays the bills but it's also a hugely rewarding, interesting and special part of my life.


I'm just starting to dip my toes into the waters of academia and very excited to launch myself into data, analytics and a deeper understanding of our evidence-based practices.

Doctors are Human:

Some wonderful friends and I are piecing together a space where doctors can reacquaint themselves with the creativity they expressed prior to being bogged down in the stress of work. This is another way of looking at improving doctors' wellbeing.

Fashion Refocused:

I care about where our clothes, footwear and accessories come from. I believe our purchasing power is one of the many ways we can change the world we live in for the better. Every time we buy something, we say, "I value this process." I think it's important to consider all those involved in the production of the products we wear, to respect that which we own and to minimise waste. I've put together a little website to help you source ethically/sustainably/locally-made goods and will add to the resources as I find more great things. Check out the website here.

Writing the Way Home:

I've been very lucky to come in contact with some amazing people with wonderful life stories. I've also become aware that in this hyperconnected world, it is more and more difficult to figure out where we belong. I'm bringing together voices to remind you of home. Check out their work here and email me if you would like to contribute.


I'm a former body-builder, moving into retirement to focus on my academic and clinical pursuits. I still thrive on the time I spent in the gym. I've found training is the most effective way of dealing with stress. I also find the focus required for training progression has been integral to maintaining and improving my work ethic. I enjoy applying scientific knowledge to my training. I'm now moving into powerlifting, a sport that may look a lot like bodybuilding but is a polar opposite in terms of the mentality one applies.

There are some new projects on the horizon. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you.


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