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Cool stuff happens on twitter but it can be hard to keep I've archived some links for you.

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The Internet Matters: A McKinsey report on the sweeping impact of cyberspace on prosperity. A recent addition to this report has also been published.


The Creative Destruction of Medicine - Eric Topol. A book to read if you think how we practice medicine could evolve with the digital times.
Fixing basic problems in healthcare...with a checklist. A TED talk by the famous Atul Gawande.

do everything in healthcare to avoid the inevitability of death. But how much is too much?
NYTimes: In Preemies, Better Care Also Means Hard Choice 
The linguistics behind separating colours 
Understanding #Poverty and #Wellbeing - a great guide.
#BigFood gluttony | MJA Insights
Prostate Cancer Surgery Fails to Cut Death Rate in Study
#UN Women online resource centre for ending violence against women
Using urban design to change our eating habits - 
How to be the best intern in the hospital
Interested in knowing more about the #US #Healthcare Crisis? JHU has some answers.

The UN delivers a damning #report on #child #rights in Australia
Media Release: Senate Committee to Consider Social Determinants of Health
5 myths about the global epidemic of chronic disease 
Why steroid treatment for COPD is ineffective.
ALS Patients Conduct DIY Drug Trials
Govt. report says healthy foods actually cost less:
1-in-3 adults in the U.S. has high #bloodpressure.
Health literacy in Aus varies more by level of education, profession than location (city, remote) 
@JohnsHopkins hospital incorporates art into patient space. 
A #Stanford study published today finds that #ibuprofen may help to prevent #altitude #illness: 

Mental health:

Lancet special edition on Suicide 
Do we need to make mental the new retarded?
It's better if you're campaign from @SoftenTFU
'Prevention Research in Mental Health' - New blog from @ewart_s 
REPORT: Young men's mental illness costing AU economy $3bn p.a. @Inspire_AUS 
Media & Public Speaking MH Guide for Consumers and Carers 
Soften the Fck Up has been featured on the amazing US site The Good Men Project

Global health:

LooPaper to save #lives? Now that's a novel idea (profits to reducing incidence of #diarrohea)
Sphere Project? The Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response
Want to know how the world is going on #MDGs? Find out here 
One Just World - thinking, talking and acting on global poverty and development. Awesome! 
Only one in four women in the Northern Reigon of #Ghana give birth in a clinic 
African health ministers held to account for their AIDS plan
How useful are short-term medical #aid missions? 
30% of girls aged 10-14 in Accra area (#Ghana) live on their own 
Commentary: "How Agriculture Can Address the Global Child Malnutrition Crisis" by Lucy M. Sullivan
Niger now worst place to be a mother according to new @Savethechildrenaus report 
The Real Promise of #GlobalHealth

The Future of Medicine:

NYTimes: Far From ‘Junk,’ DNA Dark Matter Plays Crucial Role
Glimpses of future leukaemia treatment:
Grow your own graft - news in #cardiovascular research
Harnessing your body's own glucose to power implantable medical devices
Best bits of @FutureMedTech Feb 6-11 2012
Experimental vaccine elicits robust response against both #HIV and #tuberculosis
Big Data Can Save Health Care—But at What Cost to Privacy
Patient with world's first dual leg transplant takes first steps
EricTopol at Google on Digitizing Human Beings to Create Better Health Care

Medical Education

Growing number of professors are invested in making knowledge available to the masses
Looking for some #patients? I found them
Adjacent Possible Medicine: Social Media for Medical Students

Digital Impact:

NYTimes: How Big Data Became So Big
46 Angles: Legal,Ethical,Prof Obligations to patients,inst,self
More resources on young people's technology use here:
Great indepth article about the #NBN just published by @ABCtech
The Internet matters RT @yawcrc Important insights: 'Digital technology use among disadvantaged Australians
SMS is a Good Public Health Tool, Flu Vaccination Edition 
Microsoft Research applying spam-fighting techniques to attack HIV | The Verge 
Paper on tweets and eHealth predicting citations is catching on in the Twittersphere Results of survey of 3,000+ about dating/hookup sites aimed at MSM and HIV/STD prevention efforts.
"Web as human right"- my report on W3Conf discussion panel
The latest @NHMRC Research Tracker and Health Tracker are now online
A great report by the Nation Economic Review on Accessibility of Essential Services in Remote and Urban areas 
Why WebMD Is History: The Next Gen of Web-Based Medicine 

Indigenous Australia:

Indigenous pts have identified the absence of Indigenous workers as a significant barrier to availability of healthcare 
Primary care mental health for Indigenous adolecents? 
Engaging Indigenous students through school-based health education
Can we educate racism out of our culture?
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people need to participate in every layer of decision making to meet health needs
Supporters of Indigenous Australians' #health must promote initiatives for genuine self-determination 
#Indigenous #health curricula - we need to start focusing on the patient-outcomes rather than just student feedback
Ten principles relevant to #health research among #Indigenous #Australian communities 
20 years ago the High Court made history by recognising native title. Now for constitutional recognition.
Don't know enough about #Indigenous culture and history in #Australia? Check this out by @aimementoring
Reconciliation thoughts by @LukeLPearson: I wrote one this year, ; last year 
Indigenous broadcasters in #Australia, #Canada and #New Zealand are helping to revive once fading languages | 
50 members of National #Indigenous Youth Parliament heading to Canberra for historic meeting
Women In Focus: @CarlaMcGrath - National Centre of Indigenous Excellence 
World Indigenous Tourism Alliance - Declaration
Pedagogy shaped by culture: teaching narrative approaches to Australian Aboriginal health


The difference between extroverts and introverts - INFOGRAPHIC and how to accommodate them at work!
How To Develop A Strong Sense Of Community, by @RichMillington
"Economists usually settle instead for GDP. But that is a measure of income, not wealth" | Economist
"Experiment Early and Often"
Modernising the "For Benefit" Sector - Cameron Burgess
You don't need to sacrifice sleep for your startup. Most successful entrepreneurs don't 
"There has to be a fundamental change in the way that consumers consume" 
Having fun searching for #infographic tools - check this! 
How cool - thingiverse - digital designs for real objects


"Everyone, at some point, wakes up in the middle of the night with the feeling that they are all alone in the world."
The league of extraordinary women | Fast Company
"Our real selves, the children inside, are still innocent & shy as magnolias" M Angelou 
Melbourne's still the world's most liveable city. Sydney comes in at number 7, just behind Adelaide.
Marieke Hardy on a conversation with the stranger sitting next to her on a flight.
Who gets to decide what the world’s children will learn? Who controls what’s on the test? 
33 signs you've found your life's work
Life's a lot simpler than you think. Find your calling.
Free idea: Let's define social entrepreneurs by their impact, not their income strategy 
We Need to Tell Girls They Can Have It All
@sarahmoran, has been writing a blog about real people doing real things. 
A beautiful piece on the present and past by a wonderful friend, @versetheft 
#Happiness: Towards a holistic approach to development
If You Don't Like Your Future, Rewrite Your Past
Young People Tire of Old #Economic Models #UN
A beautiful message about being you, about finding home via my equally beautiful friend @katemural


Ethical Fashion

Your clothing choices make an impact on the environment. An article from The Economist
A simple guide to being more sustainable in your fashion choices from Good On You.


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