About Me

In a world forever moving, the only constant seems to be change.  My motto is "never static" - I seek to escape the white noise and make an impact on the world around me.
Action speaks louder than words. Chances are that every great idea you or I have ever imagined has crossed somebody else's mind at some point in history. It's your choice whether the idea now turns into an action or stays but a dream.
When people tell me not to sweat the small stuff, I remind them that best practice calls for clean details. Without consideration of the nitty-gritty, big plans remain only dreams unachieved.
I'm passionate about all things medical, but then I'm pretty passionate about most things. And I like to talk about it, which is why my tweets are often filled with philosophical musings. Answers to the millions of problems facing individuals, governments, organisations and inanimate objects across the world may be simple. Practical and implementable solutions are not. That doesn't make them impossible, it just means that our passion must be reigned in by reason, logic and hardwork.
I believe in taking stock of our achievements and challenges overcome. Quiet reflection gives clarity to often murky and overwhelming conditions.
I endeavour to try new things, to meet new people and to gain as much from each experience as possible. I only get to live once.
I want to know you. I'm sure you have an interesting story. Let's chat. 


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